About us


Born  in  Melbourne,  Skill  Connectors  Australia  is  one of  the pioneering international recruitment and migration agencies in Australia that works to create a better future for Australian employers and job  seekers wanting to  work in the country.

Over the last few years, we have helped  number of  Australian businesses connect with potential employees from around the world by combining our strategic approach to international recruitment with our deep understanding of the Australian business landscape.


At  Skill  Connectors  Australia,  We endeavor to  connect  Australian  business owners with fitting candidates to meet their staffing needs, thereby shaping the future of their organisations and the individuals aiming to work there.
Whether you’re looking for permanent recruitment, temporary staffing, learning and development, HR or OHS consulting  services, Skill  Connectors  Australia is the one stop shop for all your recruitment needs.
We attract, screen, and  identify skilled  professionals based in  Australia  on a TSS Visa or a Working Holiday Visa or different parts of the world, and  source the  most  competent   candidates  for  Australian  businesses  seeking new  additions in their workforce.

Discover how Skill Connectors Australia can help you find the right people

Skill Connectors Australia provides comprehensive recruitment and migration services through our offices. Contact us today to know how we can assist you with fulfilling your recruitment and HR needs.